17-18 April 2021


Pioneer Stadium


Day Pass $10, Weekend Pass $15

Children under 14 free

Christchurch Exhibitors List

Each Body Mind Spirit – HOLISTIC HEALTH Expo brings together a diverse group of people, each with their own products, techniques, services, passions and the latest holistic information. With so many different exhibitors, you’re sure to experience something new…

Last updated: 18/01/2021

Addictive Eaters AnonymousC12Di Cockburn - recovery from Binge eating, Anorexia, Bulimia & other forms of Addictive eating & compulsive exercise. Find Peace of Mind with the AEA programme and live a meaningful & productive LIFE
Aging NaturallyD27Jacqui Randall - Health and Nutritional coach how simple ways to make Healthier choices for your Health and Well-being.
Angel Whisperer Ashama working with SpiritC9Sonya Yates - I have a gift of Clairaudience and I am a reader and Channel for the messages of many Guides & Divine Masters and teachers in Spirit. I also offer Orb Readings and interpretations
Angel's TarotB5Di Jordan - incomplete
Ask Tess NZD21Tess Stephens - welcome to my take on "psychic medium" work. I use extra-sensory connection with Spirit to communicate what you need to know right now, so you can learn to trust in your LIFE.
Bioptron Light TherapyB23 & B25William Bisset - Brilin is a functional Medicine Clinic and is recognised as one of the more advanced Bio-Energetic and Resonant Frequency treatments. We blend Science, Nature and Quantum Medicine. We are giving free treatments at this EXPO
Calm PipeE22Heather Pearson - Calm Pipe is a Christchurch innovation to support people quitting Vaping and Smoking - No Nicotine
Dawn Grace KellyF11Dawn Grace Kelly - Dawn is an author, Spiritual teacher, Energy Intuitive, Past Life Regressionist, Inner-Child work trainer and Tarot teacher. Her new book "Truth Spirit Love" the Essential Guide to Healing will be available at Stand F11 during the expo.
Healing EmbraceB11Linda Dowsett - Light Language Channel, Holistic Massage therapist, Registered Nurse, Healer and Divine Scribe
Healy New ZealandB22 & B24Vanessa Robinson - Healy is a wearable medical device to enhance recovery of Chronic pain, Fibromyalgia, Skeletal Pain, Migraine, Mental Illness such as Depression, Anxiety and related Sleep disorders. HEALY merges Science, Health and Spirituality and is the next Evolution of Healing & Wellness.
Herb Nerd NZA12Sandra Walsh - Energy Healing, Herbal Products and Herbal Medicines
Incensed Star SignsE24Nina Campbell -
It WorksE21Joanne Garron - Health and Wellbeing
James the Palm ReaderC11James Warren - the Palm Reader, Palm and Tarot Readings
Jean-Paul LyndturneC2Jean-Paul Lyndturne - Tarot Card Readings
Jewel of the HaremB1Kerry Sloan - selling unique Silver & Gemstone Jewellery from Turkey, India, Tebit and other parts of the globe.
JourneysA2Laeis Lyndturne - Reiki Master Spiritual Medium and Crystal Crafts
L'Ost ArtB8Luda Ost - Psychics and Mediums
Lady DeeC28Davida Brundall - Psychic Readings
Life Amplified - Do TerraD12Caren Constable - we use certified Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils for Emotional, Physical & Spiritual support. We also provide Reading and Massage at our Stand
LifeVantageA26Janine Burns - Nrfe Activation & Biohacking the Body with Natural Products
Lily Jay's Little ShopB21Clare Robinson - we sell Harem pants, Dresses, Holistically Inspired T-Shirts to feed the SOUL
Medium WithinF10Gordon Bint - Intuitive Energy Readings and Healings
Metamorphosis WellbeingA14Elize Wellgems - Bio-Energetic Medicine as well as ConTact C.A.R.E. Flinchlock Release Therapy
Michelle Paton Independent Scentsy ConsultantB2Michelle Paton - Scentsy has a range of beautiful and fragrant products for home, laundry, skin, kids, cleaning and more ....
Mind Detox DoctorE14Dr Jo Battye - an intergrated Doctor and Mind Detox Practitioner
Natural Force HealingB9 Kathlene Casey -
NaturalusB3Tanya & Murray - I am a Clinical Medical Herbalist and we formulate Natural & Organic Skincare products at affordable prices. WE source sustainable, Eco friendly, Local, GE Free and Organic.
Pain Anxiety Stress ClinicA22Charlie & Jean - Specialists Clinic treating Chronic Pain and Anxiety, with Kinesiology, Bowan Therapy, Personal Fitness and Massage Therapy
Quantum HolisticsD4 & D6Robert Williams - Access Bars & Access Facelift. Nurturing Body Processes that create ease and clears out he thoughts, ideas, attitudes and beliefs that aren't working for you. It's easy and relaxing
Quantum PathwaysC6Pamela Cook - Healing and Soul Journey Readings
Quantum Technologies LtdC4Dr Keryn Johnson - Quantum Biology, regenerative Medicine products and High Energy Skin Food 9EM-Foods), products OH BEE HAVE empowering healing and the MILKY WHEY empowering healing (Stars in a Bottle)
Readings with JeanetteA25Jeanette Hoffman - Psychic Readings
Reiki RelaxD5Annie Jury - Clairvoyant, Tarot and Pendulum Readings
Rockit-BoardsD8 & D10Annie and Dave Evans - beautiful handcrafted wooden Balance/Exercise boards - for ANY ONE, ANY AGE. A unique low impact Rhythmic movement that's good to Balance the BODY & MIND.
Ron L Griffiths - The MysticD13Ron L Griffiths - Medium, Clairvoyant Readings & Crystal Healings
Sandra McAlpineB20Sandra McAlpine - First Light Essence practitioner, Medicine Woman Shamanic practitioner, Reiki Master/Teacher, Phoenix Light Foundation, registered teacher of Psychic Development, Crystal practitioner & guardian of The Sanctuary Fernside.
School of Self DevelopmentE23Brian Cattermole - a Natural Health Practitioner, Promotion of Ascension and promoting Personal Growth Workshops
Shiatsu & Casa MassageD2Ai Kemmyo - Shiatsu & Casa , Japanese Pressure Point Massage. Invigorating and Refreshing. Come and see me at Stand D2. See you there.
Soul ImpressionsD24Julie Fechney - bringing you Inspiration % Positivity with Oracle and Affirmation Cards, Books, Calendars and Inspiring temporary Tattoos
Soul to SoleB20Patricia Stowell - First Light Flower Essences of NZ
Soul to SoleB20Helen Francis - a Nature and Forest Therapy Guide, also known as Forest Bathing or Shinrin Yoku
Spiritual PilgrimE11Jan & Tomas Burke - The Real YOU, learn about a Past Life and how it is affecting you now. Welcome to your Spiritual Growth
Spiritualist Church ChChA24Suzanne Gibbs - come and ask us about SPIRITUALISM, this life : Past Present or Future
Summ - BoochaD26Nicole Dunn-Summerton - a Magical Health Drink
Tarot with JackieB18Jackie Simons - Tarot Readings
Tarot with JennyB18Jennifer Marshall - Tarot Readings
The Herbal Dispensary ChChD1Carolyn Fletcher - we have qualifief staff to Dispense over the counter Natural Health Remedies, Herbal Medicines and Supplements. We have Naturopaths, Osteopaths & Herbalists in clinic to review patients medical conditions and Holistic Coaching and Counselling for better HEALTH.
The Herbalists LtdB10Logan McLeod - we offer Empowered Herbal Wellness products and support
The Psychic Pin-UpB8Lynda Glover - Psychics and Mediums
Wholistic Health & HealingB12Anita Jackson - we embrace the Health and wellbeing of the "Whole Person". Your physical health, thoughts, emotions, motivations, relationships and connection with your Community and environment.
Wholistic Health & HealingB14Robert Sampoorna - we embrace the Health and wellbeing of the "Whole Person", your Spirituality, your Purpose & Aspirations in Life. We inspire and empower our clients to enjoy a wholistic Lifestyle that proactively values their Whole Being - Body Mind Heart & Spirit

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