18-19 April 2020

Saturday-Sunday 10am-6pm

Addington Raceway & Events Centre

(Metropolitan Stand) Christchurch

Adults $10, Weekend Passes $15

Children under 14 free

Exhibitors List

Each Body Mind Spirit – HEALTH EXPO brings together a diverse group of people, each with their own products, techniques, services, passions and the latest holistic information. With so many different exhibitors, you’re sure to experience something new…

Last updated: 13/11/2019

Addictive Eaters AnonymousA59Recovery from Binge Eating, Anorexia, Bulimia and other forms of Addictive eating and compulsive exercise. Find Peace of Mind with the AEA programme and live a meaningful & productive LIFE
Angels TarotA38Di Jordan - Psychic Readings with Tarot, Clairvoyance, Medium, Psychometry, Life Lessons, Cord Removal, Healing, Rituals and Spiritual Counseling. Book early with Di :
ApocatherapyA15Kellie Walker - I make Custom Natural Skin, Baby and Pregnancy Care
Beyond the HorizonA10Geke Clucas-Smith - Healing Hands and Energy Healing for Overall Balance with Chakra & Aura Clearing/Cleansing
Bioptron Light Therapy & Brilin ClinicA9Christine Carter & William Bisset - Free treatments with Bioptron Light, a Swiss Medical Device proven to assist with many health issues. Brilin Clinic is a Bioptron Clinic also encompasses Alternative options for people seeking a Holistic approach to their health.
Capricorn RisingS30Francis Bevan - Australia's most accurate celebrity Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Astrologer, Numerologist and Tarot Reader.
Charlotte Price Spiritual MediumA21Char Price Readings - guidance to help you. Energy Healing's to restore Energetic Health. House & Land Clearings : connecting to the Energy of the Land and Restoring Peace.
Dianetic FoundationA43Helen Dr Smith - Stress testing, dealing with Stress and Spiritual Counselling
Hands of LightS7Wayne Fechney - Quantum Blue Star Healing and Karuna Reiki
Hands of LiightS7Karen Gregory - Quantum Blue Star Healing and Karuna Reiki
Hare Kirshna TempleSoul Food Square 2Ramanujas Das - supplying delicious Vegan and Vegetarian Food
Healing EmbraceS5Linda Dowsett - Light Language Channel, Holistic Massage therapist, Registered Nurse, Healer and Divine Scribe.
Holistic Health & WellbeingS4Anita Jackson and Elizabeth William - our passion is to empower and support you to discover a self Healing path with your Body Mind Spirit.
Holistic Health & WellbeingS4Rob Acutt - a health practitioner of Holistic and Complimentary therapies for Optimum Health and to remain Disease free.
Holistic PulsingA17Corinne Murray - Holistic Pulsing & HHT training courses. Come and taste Holistic Pulsing and check out the courses on offer, a category1 NZQA training provider
It WorksS28Joanne Garron - Health and Wellnes
James - the Palm ReaderA54James Warren - the Palm Reader and Tarot Readings
Jean-Paul LyndturneA35Jean-Paul Lyndturne - Tarot Card Readings
Jewel of the HaremA71Kerry Sloane - selling unique Silver and Gemstone Jewellery from Turkey, India, Tebit and other parts of the Globe.
Kathlene CaseyA25Kathlene Casey - from USA, a Natural Force Healing Practitioner, Psychic Consultant & Certified Reflexologist
Lady DeeA56Davida Blundell - Psychic Readings
LifevantageS33Janine Burns - "Bio-Hacking" the Body with Protandim an Nrf2 Pathway Activator to boost the Body's production of Antioxidants and Nrf1 to boost the Body's Mitochondria production
Metamorphosis Well-beingA11Elize Welgems - Bio-energetic Medicines for Health issues and Nutrient Defficiences
NaturalusA50Tanya & Murray - Natural and Organic Skincare products and a range of Ultrasonic Essential Oils
Pain Anxiety Stress ClinicA22Charlie & Jean - Specialist Clinic treating Chronic Pain and Anxiety with Kinesiology, Bowan Therapy, Personal Fitness and Massage Therapy
Phoenix RisingA29Janice Given - Tarot Card Readings & Personology Readings
Rainbow CrystalsA49Mathew Spiertz & Susan Harrington Baker - a large selection of Crystals and Silver jewellery
Rock-it Boards LtdA36Annie & Dave Evans - a NZ company making beautiful handcrafted wooden balance/exercise boards - for any one, any age. A unique low impact rhythmic movement that's good for the Body and Mind.
Ron L Griffiths - The MysticS46Ron L Griffiths - Medium, Clairvoyant Readings & Crystal Healings
Sandrah the OracleA23Sandrah Wilson - Clairvoyant, Medium, Tarot & Oracle Cards, Runes, Numerologist & Mayan Astrology - Readings connecting you to your Purpose.
Sandy Spiritual MediumA60Sandy Bensemann - a Spiritual Medium communicating with the Spirit World.
Shiatsu & Cassa MassageS29Ai Kemmyo - Shiatsu and Cassa, a Japanese Pressure Point Massage. Invigorating and Refreshing. Come and see me at Stand S29 on Level 2. See you there.
Soul ImpressionsS27Julie Fechney - bringing you Inspiration & Positivity with Oracle and Affirmation Cards, Books, Calendars and Inspiring temporary Tattoos
Sounds like SpiritA45Kim Mehlhopt - Psychic Medium / Master Healer and Psychic Readings
The NZ College of MassageA8Rachel Procter - We Teach/Accredited Massage Courses from Level 4-7 NZQA accredited
The Psychic Pinup/L'ost ArtsS14Lynda Glover - Psychic Medium and Astrologist
Wairua Magic - GuinevereS3Guinevere Singe - Spiritual Psychic Medium and Healer, Spiritual Readings, Tea Leaf Readings, Mediumship & Spiritual Hands on Healing.

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The entry fee of $10 gives you all day access to all of our free seminars and free workshops, as well as the opportunity to browse a veritable treasure trove of stalls.