21-22 November 2020

Saturday-Sunday 10am-6pm

Addington Raceway & Events Centre

(Metropolitan Stand) Christchurch

Adults $10, Weekend Passes $15

Children under 14 free

Exhibitors List

Each Body Mind Spirit – HEALTH EXPO brings together a diverse group of people, each with their own products, techniques, services, passions and the latest holistic information. With so many different exhibitors, you’re sure to experience something new…

Last updated: Last updated: 20/10/2020

2b in HarmonyS42 & S43Mandy Marsh - Reflexology is awesome. Reflexology assists the Body to balance itself. Try this beautiful taster treatment.
Addictive Eaters AnonymousA59Recovery from Binge Eating, Anorexia, Bulimia & other forms of Addictive eating & compulsive exercise. Find Peace of Mind with the AEA programme and live a meaningful & productive LIFE
Almora Mystical ToursS16Dellaina & Ihaia Hascha - Spiritual Guidance, Healing &
Mentoring and Spiritual Tours for Your Life's Journey.
Aloe GoodnessA58Amy McGeddie - we sell Aloe Vera base products (All Natural Ingredients), Drink Gels, Nutritional Supplements, Weight Management, POersonal Care and a range Natural Skincare Products.
Angel Whisperer Ashama working with SpiritA57Sonya Yates - I have a gift of Clair-audience and I am a reader and Channel for the messages of many Guides & Divine Master and Teacher in Spirit. I also offer Orb Readings and interpretations
Angels and Limerence Communications LLCS6Sophia Angel Clairvoyant - Tarot & Energy Healing and Counselling
Angels TarotA38Di Jordan - Psychic Readings with Tarot, Clairvoyance, Medium, Psychometry, Life Lessons, Cord Removal, Healing, Rituals and Spiritual Counseling. Book early with Di :
ApocatherapyA15Kellie Walker - I make Custom Natural Skin, Baby and Pregnancy Care products.
ArbonneS30Sooze Connolly - Cruelty Free, Clean and Safe Health & Wellness products for Mind Body and Skin.
Ask Tess NZS19Tess Stephens - I use extrasensory connection to give Psychic Medium Energy Readings with the goal to assist people in their own Awareness & Empowerment journey.
Avatar MasterS41Jan Duncan - Offer a set of exercises to get control of the Mind, so you can create what you really want in Life and Live to your Full Potential.
Better Brick Solutions - X50 GreenteaA23Cheryl Hyde - selling X50 Greentea, an Antioxident Super Food with Health benefits as well as a selection of Dream Catchers
Bex Whitehouse LtdS1Bex Whitehead - founder of "The Queen Method" Self Worth & Empowerment expert, helping Woman Heal & Reclaim their Power. Turning their Dreams into Reality and Shining Bright.
Beyond the HorizonA10Geke Clucas-Smith - Healing Hanhs and Energy Healing for Overall Balance with Chakra & Aura Clearing & Cleansing.
Bioptron - Brilin ClinicA9William Bisset - Brilin is a Functional Medicine Clinic and is recognised as one of the more advanced Bio-Energetic and Resonant Frequency treatments. We blend Sience, Nature and Quantum Medicine. We are giving free treatments at this Expo
Calm PipeS38Heather Pearson - we craft beautiful unique NZ products to encourage healthier lifestyles & habits.. Calm Pipe is a highly engineered NZ made Innovation to encourage healthier Habits & Better Breathing, drawing Fresh Air into your Lungs.
Charlotte Price Spiritual MediumA7Char Price Readings - guidance to help you. Energy Healing to restore Energetic Health. House & Land Clearings : connecting to the Energy of the Land and Restoring PEACE.
Charmine McGregor HealingA51Charmine McGregor - an Intuitive Life Coach and Reiki practitioner, leading people into a balanced & joyful life.
Christian Divine HealingA18Paul Hutchinson - Healing of your Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit - all conditions and problems.
Christian Physiotherapist & Massage TherapistA19Darren Smith - giving Christian Physiotherapy and Massage.
Dawn Grace KellyA64Dawn G Kelly - an author, Spiritual Teacher, Energy Intuitive, Past Life Regressionist, Inner -Child work trainer and Tarot Teacher. Dawns latest book "TRUTH SPIRIT LOVE -the Essential Guide to Healing" is available at this Expo
Dazzle Ventures LtdA21Sarah Bendall - we sell Himalayan Salt Lamps, Incense and Crystal Drink bottles
Dhargyey Buddhist Centre, ChChA42Keran Tsering - with Tibetan Buddhist Monk and Scholar, Geshe Nyima Dorjee
DoTerra - Life AmplifiedA27Caren Constable - we use certified Pure Therapetic Essential Oils for Emotional, Physical & Spiritual support. We also provide Readings & Massage at our Stand
Dru YogaS12Sue Cleaver - discover the Grace, Power, & flow of Dru Yoga, a yoga that everybody can do, that will enrich your life and help you to live the life you want to LIVE
Ekam One ConsciousnessA26Jocelyn & Claudia - Sir Amma, Sir Krishnaji and Sir Preethaji presents to the world, Wisdom and processes for Attaining Enlightenment.
Empowerment Project, TheA32Jane Elly - do what you REALLY want and need to do, to clean the Lens, clear the Clutter, get Unstuck, Reset and get "Out There" pursuing your big calling, whether it be for your Lifestyle, a Passion Project or Business.
Essential Well-beingS5Tania Smith - Angelic Energy Healing and Reiki Healing
Essential Well-beingS5Maria Michael - Intuitive Holistic Practitioner - Angelic Reiki and Energy & Quantum Blue Star Healing.
Greeneze NZ LtdA43Alex Tucker - 100% Natural NZ Hemp Products
Hands of Light HealingS7 Wayne Fechney - Quantum Blue Star Healing and Karuna Reiki
Healing EmbraceA24Linda Dowsett - Light Language Channel, Holistic Massage therapist, Registered Nurse, Healer and Divine Scribe.
Healing NZ with HealyA36Vanessa Robinson - HEALY is a wearable medical device to enhance recovery of Chronic pain, Fibromyalgia, Skeletal Pain, Migraine, Mental Illness such as Depression, Anxiety and related Sleep disorders. HEALY merges Science, Health and Spirituality and is the next Evolution of Healing and Wellness.
HealyA52Emmalee Bevan - Personal Wellness, Healing and Frequency's
Holistic PulsingA17Corinne Murray - Holistic Pulsing and HHT training courses. Come and taste Holistic Pulsing and check out the courses on offer, a category 1 NZQA training provider
Incensed Star SignsS26Nina and Ron
- our Zodiac Inspired Gift Shop will have you and Your Star Sign covered for Aroma Stone Gift Boxes, diffusers & hidden gem Candles.
Inner Calm ReflexologyS42Alex Teen - Reflexology is Awesome. Reflexology is based on the principle that the entire body is reflected in the Feet, Hands and Ears. It is Holistic and non-invasive. Try this beautiful taster treatment.
iRelax the Palms LtdA2Running a Retail business for Health & Wellbeing with Wellness Solutions
It WorksS28Joanne Garron - Health and Wellbeing
Jacquelyn E LaneA65Jacquelyn is an innovative Author, Artist and Educator exploring how our understanding of different layer and levels of consciousness determines our experience of "Reality". Her latest book "Deva" an inspiring comprehensive intro to the Deva Kingdom, will be at the Expo
James the Palm ReaderA54James Warren - the Palm Reader and Tarot Readings
Jean-Paul LyndturneA35Jean-Paul Lyndturne - Tarot Card Readings
Jeanette Wilson LtdS9, 10 & 11Jeanette Wilson - Healys, Psychic Surgery and PXP Royale
Jewel of the HaremA71Kerry Sloane - selling unique Silver and Gemstone Jewellery from Turkey, India, Tebit and other parts of the Globe.
Joanna WaldenA13Joanna Walden - Book Release "The Inside Hustle", A Mystical Misfit's Travel Adventure into the UNKOWN
Lady DeeA56Davida Blundell - Psychic Readings
Le Reve - Purfume Candle/Reeds & AromatherapyS35Jacqui Rosewall - NEW, LED Light Therapy, start your transformation today, improve your Cellular Health to Combat Aging and Relieving pain. An Illuminating Approach to Total Health & Wellbeing. We also have world class Aromatherapy essential Oils, Highly concentrated French Parfums, natural Soy Candles, Reed diffusers & Bio Scientific Skin Care.
Lifeforce & ZinzinoA73Franziska Friese - Lifeforce Body Balance and Omega & Mineral balance for Optimal Health.
LifevantageS33Janine Burns - "Bio-Hacking" the Body with Protandim an Nrf2 Pathway Activator to boost the Body's production of Antioxidants and Nrf1 to boost the Body's Mitochondria production
Lighten-UpS36Anne Caldwell - I am a Health Coach, Registered Nurse & Havening Practitioner. I specialize in changing your thought Processes with Healing You from the Inside OUT. I guide people to take back control of their Health, Life and Success.
Linda Coyne HealthCareS42Lind Coyne - Reflexology is Awesome. It is a complementary Health Therapy. Try this beautiful taster treatment.
Luna NevaA1Bianca Lagrange - a Mother-Daughter duo, creating Intentional Crafts for manifesting, and Tools for Self-Acceptance & Personal Growth
Medium WithinS8Gordon Bint - Inutitive Card Readings and Intuitive Energy Healer for the Physical and Emotional Bodies.
Metamorphosis Well-beingA11Elize Welgems - Bio-energetic Medicines for Health issues and Nutrient Defficiences
Mind & Body WellnessA63Dr Jo Battye - an Intergrated Doctor and Mind Detox Practitioner
Mystical Health, Beauty and NailsS40Nicole Dunn-Summerton - we have a Delicious range of Natural KOMBUCHA. This drink produces health acids that help the Body re-establish Balance. There is a range of Flavours for Different Benefits. We also have CHAKRA Jewellery for sale.
Natural Force HealingA24Kathlene Casey - from USA, a Natural Force Healing Practitioner, Psychic Consultant & Certified Reflexologist
Ohana WellnessS26Nina Campbell - I will be offering 20 min Reiki sessions to re-energize and provide the ultimate experience in relaxatiion just for you.
Pain Anxiety Stress ClinicA22Charlie & Jean - Specialist Clinic treating Chronic Pain and Anxiety with Kinesiology, Bowan Therapy, Personal Fitness and Massage Therapy
Pamela CookA33Pamela Cook - Soul Journey Readings and Healings
Parklane JewelleryA28Karen Burrows - selling a wide range of Beautiful Exquisite Jewellery
Phoenix RisingA29Janice Given - Tarot Card readings & Personology Readings
Quantum HolisticsS15Robert Williams - Access Bars & Access Facelift. Nuturing Body processes that create ease and Clears out the thoughts, ideas, attitudes and beliefs that aren't working for you, in every area of your Life. It's easy and Relaxing.
Quantum Technology LtdA53Dr Keryn Johnson - my expertise in regeneration and Quantum Biology. I have developed a new scientific model base on Quantum Physics & applied this to Health and Wellbeing and to A Spiritual practice using regenerative topical spray by extracting Collloidal Nanoparticles from Manuka Honey
Rainbow CrystalsA49Mathew Spiertz & Susan H Baker - a large selection of Crystals and Silver Jewellery.
Readings with JeanetteS22Jeanette Hoffman -
Reflex HealthS43Mel Horswell - Reflexology is Awesome, it promotes gentle alignment of Body Mind and Spirit to promote Well-Being, and reduces Stress and Encourages Relaxation. Try this beautiful taster treatment.
Reiki NZA25Annette Hobby - NZ body of Reiki Practitioners.
Reiki RelaxA30Anne Jury - Clairvoyant / Tarot / Oracle / Pendulum Readings.
Ron L Griffiths - The MysticS46Ron L Griffiths - Medium, Clairvoyant Readings & Crystal Healings
Sandra McAlpineS17Metaphysician, First Light Essence practitioner, Medicine Woman Shamanic practitioner, Reiki Master/Teacher, Phoenix Light Foundation, registered teacher of Psychic Development, Crystal practitioner and Guardian of The Sanctuary Fernside
Sandy Spiritual MediumA60Sandy Bensemann - a Spiritual Medium communicating with the Spirit World.
School of Self DevelopmentA16Brian Cattermole - A Natural Health Practitioner, Promotion of Ascension and promoting Personal Growth Workshops
SevaLight Retreat CentreA13Paulhansa - a Center for Pure Meditation, Healing, Counselling, Yoga Retreats - founded by Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma : a true Guru/Spiritual Master for our times.
Shiatsu & Cassa MassageS29Ai Kemmyo - Shiatsu and Cassa, a Japanese Pressure Point Massage. Invigorating and Refreshing. Come and see me at Stand S29 on Level 2. See you there.
Soul Connections NZS21Adriel de Rooy - Purveyors of quality Oracle Cards and other Esoteric products
Soul ImpressionsS27Julie Fechney - bringing you Inspiration & Positivity with Oracle and Affirmation Cards, Books, Calendars and Inspiring temporary Tattoos
Soul to SoleS17Patricia Stowell - First Light Flower Essences of NZ ® Practitioners
Soul to SoleS17Helen Francis - a Nature and Forest Therapy Guide also known as Forest Bathing, or Shinrin Yoku
Sounds like SpiritA45Kim Mehlhopt - Psychic Medium / Master Healer and Psychic Readings
Spiritual PilgrimS39Jan Burke - The Real You, learn about a Past Life and how it's affecting you NOW.
Spiritualist ChurchS34Suzanne Gibbs -
The Crystal PeopleA39 - A41Glen and Deryn Tregurtha - Crystals, Stones and Jewellery to complement Your Inner Self
The HerbalistsA55Logan McLeod - we retail empowered Herbal Wellness products and encourage Herbal Education for better Health
The Yogi TribeA61Stacey Cox - we teach Mindfulness and Yoga with Children
ThermomixA6Mette Flaaten - I am a holistic nutritionist, health coach & Thermomix consultant, showcasing the Thermomix with over 20 functions, using Whole Food ingredients for better Health.
TicketybooWorldS18Sue Meadows - Personalized/Personal and or Business Coaching, small bespoke workshops, Hypnotherapy including Goal Setting and a Achievement, Stress and Change Management & Networking.
Time Waves - Mayan DreamspellS37Vasumi -
Wairua Magic - GuinevereS3Guinevere Singe - a Spiritual Psychic Medium and Healer, Spiritual Readings, Tea Leaf Readings, Meduimship & Spiritual Hands on Healing
WellbeamsA5Rose Gaia - Connect to Light to create Alignments of support for Health, Work & Relationship goals.We clear energy blocks and Optimize Nourishment.Teach Tai Chi & Qigong
Wholistic Health & HealingS4Anita Jackson - our passion is to empower and support you to discover a self Healing path with your Body Mind Spirit.
Wholistic Health & HealingS4Rob Acutt - a health practitioner of Holistic and Complimentary therapies for Optimum Health and to remain Disease free.
Wholistic Health & HealingS4Arataki, known as Tex - take a journey into a new way of Healing using Vibrational Energy
World OrganicsA4Haley Ingram - Organic Skin Care, make up, Essential Oils, Baby & Men products - the Power and Beauty of Nature
Zero BalancingS14Peter Woodgate - we offer 15/20 minute Zero Balancing sessions, promote Zero Balancing as a complimentary Body/Mind Therapy and promote Professional Training in Zero Balancing.

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