18-19 April 2020

Saturday-Sunday 10am-6pm

Addington Raceway & Events Centre

(Metropolitan Stand) Christchurch

Adults $10, Weekend Passes $15

Children under 14 free

Exhibitors List

Each Body Mind Spirit – HEALTH EXPO brings together a diverse group of people, each with their own products, techniques, services, passions and the latest holistic information. With so many different exhibitors, you’re sure to experience something new…

Last updated: 13/02/2020

Addictive Eaters AnonymousA59Recovery from Binge Eating, Anorexia, Bulimia and other forms of Addictive eating and compulsive exercise. Find Peace of Mind with the AEA programme and live a meaningful & productive LIFE
Almora UnlimitedS42Dellaina Hascha - Guidance, healing, mentoring and Spiritual Tours for your Life's Journey
Aloe GoodnessA58Amy McGeddie - we sell Aloe Vera-based products (all natural ingredients) from drinks Gels, Nutritional supplements, Weight Management, personal care and a range of Natural Skincare products
Angel Whisperer - Ashama, working with SpiritA57Sonya Yates - I have the gift of Clair-audience, (I am a) reader, and a Channel for messages from many Guides, Divine Masters and Teachers in Spirit and I offer ORB Readings and Interpretations.
Angels TarotA38Di Jordan - Psychic Readings with Tarot, Clairvoyance, Medium, Psychometry, Life Lessons, Cord Removal, Healing, Rituals and Spiritual Counseling. Book early with Di :
Animal Dreaming - for Animal LoversS21Scott Alexander King - has the ability to relay Messages and Gifts of Wisdom from the Animal Spirit World, to You
ApocatherapyA15Kellie Walker - I make Custom Natural Skin, Baby and Pregnancy Care products
AspireS41Anne Caldwell - I am a Health Coach, Nurse and Havening Practitioner. I specialize in changing your thought Processes, with Healing You from the Inside Out, using Techniques to facilitate the Change.
Beyond the HorizonA10Geke Clucas-Smith - Healing Hands and Energy Healing for Overall Balance with Chakra & Aura Clearing/Cleansing
Bioptron Light Therapy & Brilin ClinicA9Christine Carter & William Bisset - Free treatments with Bioptron Light, a Swiss Medical Device proven to assist with many health issues. Brilin Clinic is a Bioptron Clinic also encompasses Alternative options for people seeking a Holistic approach to their health.
Cabot HealthS9, S10 & S11Dr Sandra Cabot - author of Award Winning "LIVER CLEANSING DIET". Formulation and supply of Health Supplements. Free IRIS diagnosis by Naturopath Victoria Taylor. Your HEALTH is Your Greatest Asset
Callah and the AncientsS32Christine Morton - Esoteric Healers and Divine Spiritual Guidance/Channeling
Capricorn RisingS30Francis Bevan - Australia's most accurate celebrity Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Astrologer, Numerologist and Tarot Reader.
Charlotte Price Spiritual MediumA7Char Price Readings - guidance to help you. Energy Healing's to restore Energetic Health. House & Land Clearings : connecting to the Energy of the Land and Restoring Peace.
Christian Divine HealingA18Paul Hutchinson - Healing of your Body, Mind Heart and Spirit - all conditions and problems
Dawn Grace KellyA64Dawn Grace Kelly - an Author, Spiritual Teacher, Energy Intuitive, Past Life Regression-ist, Inner-Child Work trainer and Tarot teacher. Dawn's new book "Truth Spirit Love - the essential Guide to Healing" will be available for purchase.
Dhargyey Buddhist Centre, ChChA42Keran Tsering - with Tibetan Buddhist Monk and Scholar, Geshe Nyima Dorjee
Dianetic FoundationA43Helen Dr Smith - Stress testing, dealing with Stress and Spiritual Counselling
DoTerra - Life AmplifiedA27Caren Constable - we use certified Pure Therapetic Essential Oils for Emotional, Physical and Spiritual support. We also provide Readings & Massage on our stand.
Dreamtime Healing with Holographic KineticsA12Jessica Trevino - a Holographic Kinetics and Advanced Aboriginal Healing Modality used to Clear Issues
Dru YogaS12Sue Cleaver - Discover the Grace, Power and flow of Dru Yoga, a yoga that everyone can do - to enrich your life & help you to live the Life You want to LIVE.
Emma Stanley Consulting LtdS43Emma Stanley - Marconics Energy is a multi-dimensional Ascension Healing Modality - for "The Human Upgrade". Marconics Energy raises your Vibration so you can come into Alignment with Your Higher Self and discover your Life's Path.
Essential Well-beingS5Tania Smith - Angelic Energy Healing and Reiki Healing
Gabriel Silverthorne & Robert WilliamsS15Gabriel Silverthorne & Robert Williams - Access Bars, Body Processes, Blue Star Healing, Blue Print Activation, Galactic & Angelic Reiki
Hands of LightS7Wayne Fechney - Quantum Blue Star Healing and Karuna Reiki
Hands of LiightS7Karen Gregory - Quantum Blue Star Healing and Karuna Reiki
Happy Medium Sherry A44Sherry Van't Tag - I am a Psychic Medium, Author and Spiritual Mentor. You will Love meeting this Happy Medium
Hare Kirshna TempleSoul Food Square 2Ramanujas Das - supplying delicious Vegan and Vegetarian Food
Healing EmbraceA24Linda Dowsett - Light Language Channel, Holistic Massage therapist, Registered Nurse, Healer and Divine Scribe.
Holistic Health & WellbeingS4Anita Jackson - our passion is to empower and support you to discover a self Healing path with your Body Mind Spirit.
Holistic Health & WellbeingS4Rob Acutt - a health practitioner of Holistic and Complimentary therapies for Optimum Health and to remain Disease free.
Holistic PulsingA17Corinne Murray - Holistic Pulsing & HHT training courses. Come and taste Holistic Pulsing and check out the courses on offer, a category1 NZQA training provider
Inner Essence Health & Well-beingA28Milinda Higgins - AromaZen - Essential Oils, Guided Meditation Journey, Sound Baths and Aroma Touch.
iRelax, the Palms LtdA2 & A3Parvez Hossain - a retail business selling Health, Well-being and Wellness Solutions.
It WorksS28Joanne Garron - Health and Wellnes
James - the Palm ReaderA54James Warren - the Palm Reader and Tarot Readings
Jean-Paul LyndturneA35Jean-Paul Lyndturne - Tarot Card Readings
Jewel of the HaremA71Kerry Sloane - selling unique Silver and Gemstone Jewellery from Turkey, India, Tebit and other parts of the Globe.
L'Ost ArtsS14Luda Ost - an Australian Psychic Medium
Lady DeeA56Davida Blundell - Psychic Readings
LifevantageS33Janine Burns - "Bio-Hacking" the Body with Protandim an Nrf2 Pathway Activator to boost the Body's production of Antioxidants and Nrf1 to boost the Body's Mitochondria production
Medium WithinS8Gordon Bint - Inutitive Card Readings and Intuitive Energy Healer for the Physical and Emotional Bodies.
Metamorphosis Well-beingA11Elize Welgems - Bio-energetic Medicines for Health issues and Nutrient Defficiences
Natural Force HealingA24Kathlene Casey - from USA, a Natural Force Healing Practitioner, Psychic Consultant & Certified Reflexologist
NaturalusA50Tanya & Murray - Natural and Organic Skincare products and a range of Ultrasonic Essential Oils
Pain Anxiety Stress ClinicA22Charlie & Jean - Specialist Clinic treating Chronic Pain and Anxiety with Kinesiology, Bowan Therapy, Personal Fitness and Massage Therapy
Phoenix RisingA29Janice Given - Tarot Card Readings & Personology Readings
Purple Orchard Holistic HealingA46Linda Usope - Psychic Medium and Master Teacher LWISSD
Quantum Technology LtdA53Dr Keryn Johnson - a Quantum Biologist. Expertise in Regeneration and Quantum Biology. A Regenerative Topical Spray that promotes Well-being, Vitality, Empowerment, Energy, Synchronicity and Joy from Manuka Honey - OH BEE HAVE.
Rainbow CrystalsA49Mathew Spiertz & Susan Harrington Baker - a large selection of Crystals and Silver jewellery
Reiki RelaxA30Anne Jury - Clairvoyant / Tarot / Oracle / Pendulum Readings.
Rock-it Boards LtdA36Annie & Dave Evans - a NZ company making beautiful handcrafted wooden balance/exercise boards - for any one, any age. A unique low impact rhythmic movement that's good for the Body and Mind.
Ron L Griffiths - The MysticS46Ron L Griffiths - Medium, Clairvoyant Readings & Crystal Healings
Royal Psychic Reading RoomA4 & A5Angel TraShell - International Angel Psychic Medium Clairvoyant Readings and Healings. Have worked on Psychic PTV in Australia and have created the very First Psychic Showbag.
Sandrah the OracleS21Sandrah Wilson - Clairvoyant, Medium, Tarot & Oracle Cards, Runes, Numerologist & Mayan Astrology - Readings connecting you to your Purpose.
Sandy Spiritual MediumA60Sandy Bensemann - a Spiritual Medium communicating with the Spirit World.
SevaLight Retreat CentreA13Paulhansa - a Centre for Pure Meditation, Healing, Councelling, Yoga and Retreats - founded by Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma : a true Guru/Spiritual Master for our times.
Shiatsu & Cassa MassageS29Ai Kemmyo - Shiatsu and Cassa, a Japanese Pressure Point Massage. Invigorating and Refreshing. Come and see me at Stand S29 on Level 2. See you there.
Soul ImpressionsS27Julie Fechney - bringing you Inspiration & Positivity with Oracle and Affirmation Cards, Books, Calendars and Inspiring temporary Tattoos
Soul to SoleS17Patricia Stowell - First Light Flower Essences of NZ ® Practitioners
Sounds like SpiritA45Kim Mehlhopt - Psychic Medium / Master Healer and Psychic Readings
Spiritualist Church of NZS34Suzanne Gibbs -
The NZ College of MassageA8Rachel Procter - We Teach/Accredited Massage Courses from Level 4-7 NZQA accredited
The Psychic PinupS14Lynda Glover - Australian Psychic Medium and Astrologist
The Rimu TreeS16Adam Curtis & Dave Sewell - Healing to the Soul and Higher Self and removal of Trauma
The Spiritual SpaceA46Nicole McHenry - Medium, Psychic, Clairvoyant Readings, Vibrational, Trance, Crystal & Spiritual Healings
Time Waves - Mayan DreamspellS37Vasumi -
Wairua Magic - GuinevereS3Guinevere Singe - Spiritual Psychic Medium and Healer, Spiritual Readings, Tea Leaf Readings, Mediumship & Spiritual Hands on Healing.
World OrganicsS1Haley Ingram - Organic skin care, make up, essential Oils, baby & men products - the power and beauty of Nature.

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