16-17 March 2019

Saturday-Sunday 10am-6pm

Addington Raceway & Events Centre

(Metropolitan Stand) Christchurch

Adults $10, Weekend Passes $15

Children under 14 free

Mas Sajady – Full Day Seminar

Change Your Frequency, Change Your Life – SATURDAY, MARCH 23rd 2019  –   Come and join us for our a Full Day Seminar with Mas Sajady.

Mas Sajady presents ...."Source CODE Activation : SUPERHUMAN"

Join Mas in this highly charged day seminar and immerse yourself in the elevated Frequencies that he embodied following his two Near Death Experiences. Early Bird Price $99.00 per person
March 23rd, 2019, Part 1 : 10am to 1pm, Part 2 : 2.30pm to 5.30pm After March 20th $129.00 per person.
Elmwood Normal School Auditorium, Aikmans Road, Merivale ChCh 8014 NZ

Mass developed Extraordinary abilities after his Two Near Death Experiences, and Mas’ seminars are known for their transformative impacts on both our Conscious and Subconscious programming. Within you is the ability to ignite tremendous potential and groundbreaking human abilities. READ MORE for Seminar details.

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Join Mas in this two-part event, “Source CODE Activation : Superhuman”, to strip away internal roadblocks, inefficient human programming and activate Source.

PART ONE  :  Removing Limiting blocks and distortion

Remove frequencies and rule sets of :

  • Feeling like you’re not enough
  • Doubt and Fear
  • Self- sabotage
  • Limited self-understanding
  • Routine, unawakened coding and programming
  • Misguided intuition and creativity

PART TWO  :  Activating Superhuman CODING

Activate frequencies of Superhuman to gain :

  • Understandings of space/time
  • Access Exponential Intelligence
  • Advanced intuition
  • Unwavering guidance from your higher- consciousness
  • Physical health and resplendence
  • Mental agility

You don’t have to continue life bogged down by the density of Humanity’s distortions. Step into the Brilliance that you were meant to exhibit and access away of being far beyond your imagination. Activate your Superhuman Source CODE to ignite the frequencies of Superhuman qualities.