18-19 April 2020

Saturday-Sunday 10am-6pm

Addington Raceway & Events Centre

(Metropolitan Stand) Christchurch

Adults $10, Weekend Passes $15

Children under 14 free

Speaker Profiles

Not sure who the presenters are? Want to know a bit more about them? We’ve compiled some information for you so you can better plan your Expo experience.

See below for profiles of some of our speakers…

Sherry Van’t Hag (The Happy Medium)

Spiritual Mastery – Sherry is one of Australia’s most renowned Psychic Mediums and Spiritual Mentors.                               You will love meeting this Happy Medium at Stand A44 on Level 1.


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Sherry is known for Inspiring and extremely accurate guidance that often changes people’s lives. She runs amazing Spiritual Mastery weekends as well as One on One Mentoring, Private Readings and Happy Medium Shows.

Accurately guiding and reading for people for the past 27 years and studying spirituality for the past 33 years.

Paru Clarke (Shunyata Retreat & Day Spa)

I empower woman to fully embrace their unique Gifts and Talents to manifest abundance in their Work, Love Life and Health. You can meet Paru at Stand # A28 on Level ONE

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With the combination of The Journey & the Enneagram (unconscious behaviours that run 80% of our life) and Doterra’s high vibrancy pure oils, we together access your Superpower and transform your Wisdom and your Essence into Wealth. I am incredibly passionate about it having teaching this for over 20 years at Shunyata Retreat and Day Spa.

We now have and promote Woman’s workshops and Masterminds, as this is my divine mission and soul purpose in life.

Florence King (Spiritual Medium)

Florence is one of Australia’s well known Spiritual Mediums – winning the International Psychics Association Psychic Peoples Choice Award in 2014 and a Self Published author of 5 books and is launching Book #5, “THE SPIRIT KING” in NZ while at the Expo Event in October

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During the Expo Florence will be at Stand # S40 on Level TWO. Come and meet her. 

Psychic Medium / Teacher / Author –  Florence has been a Spiritual Medium with over 12 years experience in medium-ship, readings, healing’s, parties, platforms, stage and audience work, and has taught psychic medium-ship development classes for over 10 years.

She approaches her work with love, sincerity, and compassion whilst connecting with your loved ones in spirit. This is her passion, therefore she works from the Heart.

Florence has appeared on “Psychic TV” for over 6 years and also featured on the ABC documentary “Psychics in the Suburbs” (Australia) – available for download or rental from Media Stockade Website.


Scott Alexander King (For Animal LOVERS - "Animal Dreaming")

Scott Alexander King is an internationally recognized author, public speaker, mystic and zoomancer : an individual who interprets the movements of animals to divine the path of others.

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After many years of experience, Scott has developed the ability to relay messages and Gifts of Wisdom from the Animal Spirit World to you. He has come to the realization that these animal spirits may be seen as archetypes – externalized representational facets of our Soul, our personality and our character – aspects for which we are grieving, for example, needing Healing or requiring attention.

So, even if you’re not an “Animal Lover” as such, or if you’ve never owned a pet, come and join Scott as he brings forth a veritable menagerie of the world’s most exotic animals – all imbued with messages of LOVE from the Spirit World. You may be surprised to discover that you have a small hoard of Animals waiting to offer you Guidance, Insight and Healing without ever realizing it. Come and meet Scott at Stand # A24 on Level One.


Jeanette Wilson (Gifted Medium and Healer)

Jeanette Wilson will be at the Body Mind Spirit – HEALTH EXPO 10 am to 6 pm both days, a gifted healer, providing Psychic Surgery with Spiritual Doctors and Surgeons. Come and see Jeanette in action, seeing is believing, believing is REAL.

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Jeanette is an extraordinary woman with an extraordinary range of gifts. It was Jeanette’s accuracy as a medium that led her to securing her first prime television series “Dare to Believe”.

Jeanette has appeared on 20/20, Good Morning, The Holmes Show and many radio stations taking live calls.

Jeanette considers that her highest gift is as a Healer and she travels extensively helping people Feel Better in all senses of the word.

Sandrah Wilson (Soul Healer, Shaman and 5D Ascension Activator.)

I’ve been working in the Mind Body Spirit industry for 30 years. I will be at the Expo Event October, Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th on Level 1 at Stand # A23. I would love to meet you.

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After years of attending countless classes, workshops and courses during which my only intention was to deepen my knowledge and understanding of all things ‘spiritual’, I now run my own classes, and I have tutored countless students over as many years.

As a spiritual practitioner, I am proud to say I have created my own reading style and developed my skills by tapping into what I refer to as the ‘Universal University of Life Lessons’. All the experiences I’ve endured in life have come together to empower me so that I may offer meaningful, ethical readings for my clients. When I sit with my clients, I believe I take them on an enabling journey of self-discovery. I feel I give them the tools to embolden themselves. The one thing I’m not is a Fixer. I work with Empowering my clients and teach them the tools to help heal themselves.

Janet Arthur

Spiritual Readings, Psychic Medium and Spiritual Development Teacher – connecting you to your Spiritual Self for answers thru Spirit.

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Janet works in the public arena, in front of groups on a regular basis. Janet, multi talented, teaches spiritual development groups and mentors people to step into the Public eye and to work with their own psychic gifts.

Janet also works, one on one at her home and at Expos. Janet had a very successful trip to work at the Sydney Mind body Spirit Festival last year, first of many to follow.

Linda Dowsett

Magic, alchemy, wonder and soul expansion is your divine right and expression. Linda is a channel for multi-dimensional beings of love and light to assist humanity with soul ascension and healing. I work with earth energies of the elements, rock and dragon guardians, fairy realms plus ascended masters and other members of God’s heavenly mansion worlds. Channeling light language transmissions, shifts occur on many levels to assist with soul alignment and ascension.

Linda is available at her Stand S21 on Level 2, for intuitive healing treatments, massage and oracle card readings. Each session is catered individually as guided by spirit.

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Linda has worked in the complementary health field for over 25 years. With a background in nursing, massage, reiki, spiritual healing, reconnective healing, The Journey and public speaking, Linda brings a wealth of expertise in her spiritual work.

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