Christchurch Site Plan

Please Refer to the below tables to find out what stands are still available to be booked.

Virgo Stands

Stand Status Stand Status Stand Status
A1 Available A2 Available A3 Available
A5 Available A7 SOLD A9 SOLD
A11 Available A13 SOLD A15 SOLD
A17 SOLD A19 SOLD A21 Available
A23 SOLD A25 Available B1 SOLD



Gemini Stands

Stand Status Stand Status Stand Status
A4 SOLD A6 SOLD A8 Available
A10 Available A12 SOLD A14 SOLD
A16 Available A18 Available A20 Available
A22 SOLD A24 Available A26 SOLD
B2 SOLD B3 Available B4 Available
B5 SOLD B6 Available B7 Available
B8 Available B9 SOLD B10 Available
B11 Available B12 Available B13 SOLD
B14 Available B15 SOLD B16 Available
B17 Available B18 SOLD B19 Available
B20 Available B21 SOLD B22 SOLD
B23 Available B24 SOLD B25 SOLD
D4 Available D6 Available D8 SOLD
D10 Available D12 Available D24 SOLD
D26 Available E11 SOLD E13 SOLD
E15 SOLD E17 SOLD E19 Available
E21 Available E23 Available


Libran Stands

Stand Status Stand Status Stand Status
C1 SOLD C3 SOLD C5 Available
C7 Available C9 SOLD C11 SOLD
C13 Available C15 Available C17 SOLD
C19 Available C21 SOLD C23 Available
D14 Available D16 Available D18 Available
D20 Available D22 Available D25 SOLD



Aquarian Stands

Stand Status Stand Status Stand Status
C2 SOLD C4 Available C6 Available
C8 Available C10 SOLD C12 SOLD
C14 SOLD C16 Available C18 Available
C20 Available C22 Available C24 SOLD
C26 SOLD C28 Available C30 Available
D1 Available D3 SOLD D5 Available
D7 Available D9 Available D11 Available
D13 SOLD D15 Available D17 Available
D19 Available D21 Available D23 Available
D25 SOLD D27 Available



Zodiac Stand:

D2         SOLD

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