November 30th - December 1st 2024


Pioneer Stadium


Day Pass $15, Weekend Pass $20, Multi Entry Weekend Pass for 2 people $25

Children under 14 free

Christchurch Exhibitors List

At each Body Mind Spirit – HOLISTIC HEALTH Expo, brings local national & international exhibitors together, a diverse group of people, each with their own products, techniques, services, passions and the latest holistic information, so you can discover a world of wellness. With so many different exhibitors, you’re sure to experience new holistic health trends and find creative inspiration waiting for you.

Last updated: 12/04/2024

50Plus FitnessA22Charlie & Jean - Fitness & Wellbeing through movement, helping people improve their Health & Fitness by using everyday movement patterns without replying on machines
Addictive Eaters AnonymousC12Addictive Eaters - a 12 Step fellowship thru working the AEA programme, members have found recovery from binge eating, anorexia bulimia an other forms of addictive eating & compulsive exercise
Angel WhispererC9Sonya Yates - I offer personal & unique Channelled Messages working with ascended masters, teacher guides and Spirit. I also offer ORB interpretations.
Beyond the HorizonA17Geke Smith - Energy Healing and Spiritual Teacher
Blue Essence AromatherapyD8Wendy Smith - dOTERRA Essential Oils and other wellness products, Home Made Body products using essential oils. Be Good Cookbook
Brilin LtdE17William Bisset - Bioptron & Intergrative Functional Medicine (blending Scientific & Natural) discovering ROOT causes of Chronic Disease & Cancer since 2021
Cinque Terre Food VendorSonia Argentesi - Italian Mediterranean handmade delicious Food
ConTact C.A.R.E.D25Elize Welgens - I am a Contact CARE Practitioner, and do Gut Health tests, Toxins test & Nutrition tests
Dragon SageD13Jennifer Marshall - I am a Psychic & Intuitive Tarot Reader and do Spiritually Cleansing Houses and Buildings
Faye AromatherapyB13Mikayla Bovey - a Holistic and Organic range of Health and Wellness products ie Balms and Soaps
Fizzidee DoodahC1 & C3Haidee Pyne - I make dessert Candles, Melts and other scented products such as room Sprays, Laundry Boosters and Car Diffusers
Green Bear CoffeeFood VendorMandy & Guy Arnett - Barista made Hot & Cold drinks from a unique vintage Trike
Healing EmbraceB9Linda Hathoria - Energy and Sound Healing, Light Language Channel, Soul Realign Readings, Oracle Cards, Chakra balancing, Grounding & Akashic Past Life Healing
Holistic Therapeutic Healing HauoraA19Joyce Haraki-Smith - Holistic Therapeutic Healing Hauora, Kaihautu - Reiki Taishiatsu Miri Romi, Ceo-Bodywork Balance alignment and a Massage therapy Practitioner
Hummingbird ConnectionsB23Denna Lee - Massage therapist and Reiki Healing
Igniting the Light WithinC10Joanne Hinds - Akaskic Record Readings, Mentoring and Mediumship
Infinity Health & WellnessA10Jennifer Reynolds - Balancing the Physical, Emotional & Spiritual through Bioresonance, Chiropractic & Kinesiology
Joyful CreationsA9Joy Hairston candles, lip balms, beeswax wraps
Jean-Paul LyndturneC2Jean-Paul Lyndturne - I give Spiritual Tarot Card readings and Medicine Card readings
LeReveC21Hayley Ingram - I am an Independent Senior consultant with LeReve & sell beauty and wellness products of Natural French made Parfums, Body Balms, Aromatherapy, Candles Reeds & Skincare
Lilibell CrystalsA16 & A18Ashleigh Jones - I sell Crystals, Jewelry, Candles and Wax Melts
Lily Jays Little ShopB21Clare Robinson - we sell Harem Pants, Dresses, Holistically Inspired T-Shirts to feed the SOUL.
Linda Usope Psychic MediumE15Linda Usope - Psychic - past, present and future issues as well as Mediumship - connecting to your Loved Ones Passed
Little Balls JewelleryC17Natasha McCracken we make and sell Crystal Jewellery and accessories
Maori HealersE1/E3/E5/E7/E9Neville Richards - Energy Healing, Crystals and Sacred Remedies under our umbrella of the Whanau Healers
Victoria Natural TherapyA7Victoria Wells - Cyclossage massage Bed and magnesium treatments
Palms Chinese Medicine CentreA13 & A15 Angie Harding - a Practitioner of Chinese Medicine
Papanui Spiritual CentreD10 & D12Nicki Tasker - Our Spiritual Centre offers workshops, events, courses and a weekly Inspirational events/services
Platters R UsFood VendorHome bakes, platter boxes
Purely PranicA23Meg - Pranic Healing - Energy Healing for Physical & Mental Health issues
Rise & Shine with Golden DropsC18Elizabeth Croton - I'm a distributor for Curcumin Golden Drops for Vidafy. These have new Bio Availability to enable the Curcumin to be absorbed 277% more than normal Curcumin. This helps with all Inflammation issues in the Body
Sandy Spiritual MediumC11Sandy Bensemann - I work as a Spiritual Medium, bringing thru messages from LOVED ONES in the Spirit World
Shiatsu & Casa MassageD2 Ai Kemmyo - Traditional Japenese Shiatus Pressure Point Massage. Relax, Refresh and Recharge. Invigorating. Come see me at Stand D2
Soap Shack EmporiumB22Andre & Dale - we sell handmade Natural Soap, Balms and Crystals
Soul ImpressionsD24Julie Fechney - the latest Oracle & Tarot Decks and Books to help you through your Spiritual & Wellbeing journey in Life.
Soulstar Boutique LtdC26Lisa Adrian - we handpour soy candles in small batches and top with a high quality, ethically sourced crystals, cleansing & filling each with Positive Intentions, Inspiring Spiritual abundance and Joy.
Soul to SoleA26Patricia Stowell - First Light Flower Essences of NZ, RegisteredPratitioner & Tutor, HypnoSuccess Soul Coach.
Spinal Flow Healing & Harmony Spinal FlowB15Julie Holmes - we connect to the Nervous System with gentle hands contact with the 33 access points of the SPINE to initiate the Spinal Flow & Release blockages
Spiritual PilgramE11Jan & Tomas Burke - Past Life readings, PRANIC Healings & Gifts and Guidance
Susan SageC14Susan Sage - I am a Professional Intuitive Hypnotherapist, give Intuitive Readings, Inspirational workshop facilitator with Intuitive Guidance
The Divine ChannelerE13Danielle Mickan - Psychic and Soul Guidance and Star-seed Psychic Medium and Trance Channel
The MedspaA6Machelle Tewnion - I am a Registered Nurse, Cosmetic Nurse & Dermal Therapist. Elevate your Beauty with Cosmetic injectables and Skin Therapy. Keep looking & feeling your best
The Psychic PinupE15The Psychic Pinup - Psychic Mediumship
Travelfox ZenB2Angela Wesolowski - we manufacture sustainable Support Cushions for Meditation, Yoga, Maternity and other well-being practices like Meditation Cushions, Bolsters, Aromatherapeutic Eye Pillows, Heat Bags, Pregnancy & Body support Pillows
Upcycle Recycle-Boys Handcrafted GoodsA4Cindy Ria - we design and create beautiful handcrafted Wooden Platers and Displays from pallet timber
Yvonne TaylorA26Yvonne Taylor - a Holistic Healing Practitioner with First Light Flower Essences of NZ, as an entry Level for HEALING at all levels of the being, also Esoteric Hypnotherapy, working soul to soul & Shamanic Soul Intercession healings

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