16-17 March 2019

Saturday-Sunday 10am-6pm

Addington Raceway & Events Centre

(Metropolitan Stand) Christchurch

Adults $10, Weekend Passes $15

Children under 14 free

Exhibitors List

Each Expo brings together a diverse group of people, each with their own products, techniques, and passions. With so many different exhibitors, you’re sure to experience something new…

Last updated: 23/01/2019

Trading AsBooth #Name and Description
A Spoonful of SugarA48Alice Mardle - Tea Leaf Reading, Teas and Healing, selling Stone Jewellery
Access ConscoiusnessA12Margis Hulse - Access Consciousness
Adrienne StoytA28Adrienne Stoyt - Scented Flame Soy Candles
Aging NaturallyA64Jacqui Randall - helping people to improve their life by providing natural products and Systems that Energize the Body and Rejuvenate the skin leaving you looking and feeling younger
Anahata CreationsS45Louise Benton - I am a visionary artist and jewellery maker.
Angel SpeakA14Janet Arthur - Spiritual Readings
Angel's TarotA37Dianne Jordan - Psychic Readings with Tarot, Clairvoyance, Medium, Psychometry, Life Lessons, Cord Removal, Healing, Rituals, and Spiritual Counseling, Book Early :
Arbonne InternationalA2Sophie Maguire - Plant based Health and Wellness
Arkenstone Productions NZS27David Barnett - selling the 'Bewater' range of Crystal drinking water bottles
Arthur the Palm ReaderA61Arthur Cunningham - Palm Reader
Beyond the Faerie TreeA73Snowdrop & Rainbowlily - professional & sparkling face painting and bringing beautiful gift ideas, enchanting treasures and lots of magical trinkets
Beyond the HoriizonA10Geke Claucas-Smith - Healing Hands
Blue Star UniversalA36James Devitt - dedicated in assisting people to walk the path that they are here to walk.
BodyworkzA72Jaynene Saunders - Massgage Energy Healing, removing Toxins and eliminating blocked Emotions - helping other to HEAL
Borage CottageA21Patricia Whitfield - Reiki & Australian Bush Flower Essences, also Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy
Bronwyn Sheehan Business Solutions, Speed Dating for BusinessA13Bronwyn Sheehan - for Business Entrepreneurs, join the the networking movement to share, shine and take your business profile to the next level
Chakra Consulting LtdC4Anita Jackson - Chakra Energy Reading, clear your 12 energy centres and get your Physical, Spiritual and Mental health back
Clairvoyant Sue JonesA3Sue Jones - a popular Clairvoyant Mediium giving accurate readings for Insight, Hope and Inspiration. Book early to see Sue.
Davina PowellA7Davina Powell - Tarot Readings
Deearoha ArohaA3Dee Aroha _ Qi Therapist teacher,Holistic Counselling and Spiritual Guidance
Dhargyey ChCh Buddhist CentreA42Keran Tsering - with Tibetan Buddhist Monk and scholar , Geshe Nyima Dorjee
Do Terra Essential OilsA18Caren Constable - Certified Pure Therapeutic Grace Essential Oils
Earth Spirit Crystal HealerS14Rob Spijkerman - a Crystal Healer
EarthloveA58Kim Lawlor - an online store featuring a carefully curated range of sustainable, zero-waste products.
EnvironMenstrualsS12Annia-Maria Covich - Reuseable Menstruals Products and other Eco Friendly Products
Enzohair LtdA62Deborah Hunter - Natural Hair Products, naturally based with high quality natural oils
Essential & CoA29Jordis Renz - handcrafted gemstone diffuser bracelets to celebrate You, and products to support your journey with Essential Oils.
Gail PayneA60Gail Payne - Spiritual Medium
Gem ChaliceA53Sharin _ Energy healing on the GO with Crystal Elixirs. Eachcrystal brings Positive Energy Flow into the Body for Inner Peace, Love, Clarity, Joy & Abundance
Gina Haines, The Art of Living HappyA55Gina Haines - Illuminate, Inspire and Ignite your Authentic Self into Being.
Hands of LightS5Wayne & Julie Fechney - Blue Star Quantum Healing and Reiki
HaraA31Jess Palmer - Pychic Readings
Hare Krishnas Food Foyer, Level 2Level 2, Food FoyerDarmen Sengayen - supplying Vegetarian Soul Food
Healing EmbraceS21Linda Dowestt - Energy Field Clearing and Healing, Massage and Channeling Light Language from the Council of Light
Health GivingA38Michelle Facer - Colloidal Silver manufacture and has developed a Natural Eczema Cream created for my own son
Holistic Health & Well BeingS4Anita Jackson, Elizabeth Williams & Rob Acutt - our passion is to empower & support you to discover a self healing path with your Body Mind Spirit
Holistic Health & WellbeingC4Anita Jackson - Holistic Health & Wellbeing is a growing practice and events venue. Our passion is to empower & support you to discover a self healing path with your Body Mind Spirit
Holistic Health & WellbeingC4Elizabeth Williams - Holistic Health & Wellbeing is a growing practice and events venue. Our passion is to empower & support you to discover a self healing path with your Body Mind Spirit
Holistic Health & WellbeingC4Rob Acutt - a health practitioner of holistic and complimentary therapies for optimum health and to remain disease free.
Holistic PulsingA17Corinne Murray - Holistic Pulsing & HHT Training courses. Come and taste Holistic Pulsing and check out some of the courses on offer, a category 1 NZQA training provider.
It WorksS19Joanne Garron - an International company selling health $ wellness skin care products that are all Natural and plant based ingredients.
Jackie TimmsA23Jackie Timms - Intuitive and Tarot Card Readings
James - Palm ReaderA54James Warren - Palm and Tarot Readings
Jean-Paul LyndturneA6Jean-Paul Lyndturne - Tarot Card Readings
Jewel of the HaremA71Kerry Sloane - selling unique Silver and Gemstone Jewellery from Turkey, India, Tibet and other parts of the Globe
JewelleryS40 to S43Barb Buchanan - Jewellery and Crystals
JourneysA44Laeis Lyndturne - Spiritual Medium and Tarot Readings
Kathlene Casey HealingA25Katherine Casey - from the USA is a Natural Force Healing Practitioner
Lady DeeA56Davida Blundell - Psychic Readings
Lisa Swain ReadingsA15Lisa Swain - Clairvoyant Readings
Lorraine PayneA32Lorraine Payne -
Manaian WayA9Glenn & Jen Phelan - An unique opportunity to a Debt Free Life. We sell a New Reality
Mas SajadyS7Mas Sajady
Metamorphosis WellbeingA11Elize Welgems - Bio-energetic Medicines for Health issues and Nutrient Defficiences
Native ChiropracticS16Dr Elly Packham - a higher level of health & vitality with Chiropractic Love - a sustainable journey of health for families, the Community and Environment
NaturalusA50Tanya & Murray - Natural & Organic skincare products and a range of ultrasonic essential oils
Pamela CookA52Pamela Cook - Soul Journey Readings and Healing
Panna SoapsA57Annamaria Berta - selling Narural Vegan hand Crafted Palm Oil Free Soaps
Pendulum PowerDon Carnielo - learn how to use a Pendulum to tap into Universal Energy.
Readings with JeanetteS22Jeanette Hoffman - A clairvoyant using The Tarot
Reiki RelaxA30Annie Jury (Rainbow Lady) - Clairvoyant/Tarot?Pendulum Readings, Life Coaching. Reiki Emotional Release Sessions including Cord cutting
Right Spin HealthS8Dennis Bowman _ Truly Exceptional Range of Health and Longevity products
Robert James HaywoodS28Robert James Haywood - Totem Animal Readings, Soul Deep Sound Healing Journey sessions, Crystal bowl & Oracle Deck sales. Cultural Wisdom Keeper, Music Medicine Man and Spiritual Counselling
Rosina Bond NumerologyA13Rosina Bond - come and talk with me about what 2019 and beyond holds for you and your business.
Rune Card ReadingsS46Julie Fechney - Rune Card Readings
Sandy BensemannA59Sandy Bensemann - Spiritual Medium
Sarah EmmaS15Sarah Emma - Techniques to bring people back to Love and Joy in their lives with ease.
Sauniere Spiritual Readings A45Beverly Webb - Spiritual Readings
Seleno Health LtdS20Dr Corin Storkey - produces specialised Peruvian Maca products for treating chronic conditions/illness and teach you to manage good health thru natural products
Serendipity Shiatsu Massage S29Ali Kemmyo - Shiatsu
Sounds Like SpiritA33Kim Mehlhopt - Psychic Medium / Master Healer and Psychic Readings
Spiritual PilgrimS39Learn to communicate with your angels and find your life's purpose.
Spiritualist ChurchS34Suzanne Gibbs
Sukyo Mahikari GroupA34Lesley Narayanan - Spiritual Purification with True Light
Susann PrendelA16Susann Prendel - Energy Healing & Intuitive Life Coaching
The Crystal PeopleB6Beautiful crystals and other treasures to complement
your inner self...
The Health ProjectS9Mette Flaaten - My DESTRESS Protocol : Integrative Health Practitioner / Health Coach
The Light HouseA70Wendy Rose Isbell - Homeopathy - First Aid remedies with individual treatments, Sound Healing and Egyptian Alchemy
The Soul PatternS18Angela Barrows - Access the Limitless Power of Your. Learn the keys to live a Soul Empowered Life.
Time Waves - Mayan DreamspellS38Vasumi Zjikao - Readings
Waters and Lifeforce A68Franziska Friese - selling top quality Water Filters & Liquid Organic Whole Foods for long term better health and vitality.
World OrganicsS1Haley Ingram - organic skin care, make up, essential oils, baby & men products - the power and beauty of Nature.
Your Health ConnectionS6Jessica Head - Holistic Health Coach and Blue Star Quantum/Reiki Healer
Zero BalancingA25Peter Woodgate -

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