Each Expo brings together a diverse group of people, each with their own products, techniques, and passions.

With so many different exhibitors, you’re sure to experience something new…

Adrienne Stoyt A29 Adrienne Stoyt - Scented Flame Soy Candles
Angel Speak A15Janet Arthur - Spiritual Readings
Angel Tarot and Gifts B3Dianne Jordan - Psychic Readings
Arbonne International B4Sophie Maguire - Plant based Health and Wellness
Aroha Soul A37Jax Storey - Beautiful Malas, making Spiritual Jewellery with semi precious crystals and Swarovski Crystals
Arthur B33Arthur Cunningham - Palm Reader
Astroplus D7Kathryn Tutill - an Astological Councellor specializing in Hoary Astrology which is cast for a time and moment, "a need to know question".
Aura Photos A3Carlysle Vivian - Your unique Aura Photograph and Spiritual Drawings and Readings by Carlysle
Be Inspired A30Liz Weatherly - Clairvoyant and Spiritual Readings
Beyond the Faerie Tree Level 1 Foyer SpaceSnowdrop & Rainbowlily - professional & sparkling face painting and bringing beautiful gift ideas, enchanting treasures and lots of magical trinkets
Beyond the Horizon A10Geke Clucas-Smith - Healing Hands
Bioptron Light Therapy A23Biotron Light Therapy, free session during the show - to experience this Swiss Medical Device as a solution to your health needs.
Blue Star C6Wayne & Julie Fechney - Blue Star Quantum Healing and Reiki
Body Intelligence C18Kate Mander - Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Training and Diploma Training
Borage Cottage A22Patricia Whitfield - Reiki & Australian Bush Flower Essences, also Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy
Brett Barry, Psychic Medium from Australia A16Brett Barry, Psychic Mediumship Readings, Holistic Coach and Psychic Parties
Bronwyn Sheehan Business Solutions D4Bronwyn Sheehan - for Business owners & Entrepreneurs, giving benefits of a personal assistant without the commitment of a full time employee.
Chakra Consulting Ltd C4Anita Jackson - Chakra Energy Reading, clear your 12 energy centres and get your Physical, Spiritual and Mental health back
Chinese Medicine Practioner B14Emily Taylor - Acupunturist, Chinese Medicine Practioner, Cranio-Sacred Therapy and Medical Intuitive
Christian Devine Healing A26Peter Hutchinson - heading the team with Healing Prayers for all types, Body Mind Soul and Spirit
Davina Powell A7Tarot Readings
Dazzel A14Sarah Bendall - Himalayan Salt Lamps and Reiki Healing
Desiree James E7Desiree James - Aura Soma
Dhargyey ChCh Buddhist Centre B8Keran Tsering - Gifts
Dianetics A21Pete Fraemohs - Scientology
Do Terra Essential Oils B1Caren Constable - Certified Pure Therapeutic Grace Essential Oils
Eden Orchards, Pure Cherry Juice E3Steph Bignell - 100% Natural Cherry Juice. Health benefits : aids sleep, inflammtion & pain relief and reduces Gout and Arthritis
Entranced NZ D2Martine Saltoun - Offical Ambassador, Teacher & Trainer of Shakti Products Reiki Master and Laughing Yoga teacher
EnvironMenstruals C14Annia-Maria Covich - Reuseable Menstruals Products and other Eco Friendly Products
Enzohair Ltd B34Anita Houghton - Natural Hair Products
Food Evolving Food Foyer, Level 2Debranne Renney - supplying Vegan Food
Foot Spa Detox C1Deborah Tsavousis - Foot Spa Detox
Gail Payne B30Gail Payne - Spiritual Medium
GH Global Ltd B26Gina Haines - The Art of Living Happy
Glenis McLean Nutrimetics D14Glenis McLean - Creating the change towards beauty and personal growth
Gypsy Spirit A2Caroline Dorrance - Connection with Angels and Spirit thru Clairsenses and Card Readings
Hara A32Jess Palmer - Pychic Readings
Hare Krishnas Food Foyer, Level 2Darmen Sengayen - supplying Vegetarian Soul Food
Healing Alchemy B28Vivia Ward - Alchemical & Shamanic Healing. Soul retrieval, power animal retrieval. First Light Flower Essences, dreamwork, tarot and transpersonal counsilling
Healing Embrace D1Energy Field Clearing and Healing, Massage and Channeling Light Language from the Council of Light
Healing Hands C20Denise Robinson - Natural Energy Healer
Helen Sian India D4Helen Sian Indis - a Yoga teacher and Wellness Coach
Herb Witch B17Alice Mardle - Tea Leaf Reading, Teas and Healing, selling Stone Jewellery
Holistic Health & Wellbeing C4Elizabeth Williams - Holistic Health & Wellbeing is a growing practice and events venue. Our passion is to empower & support you to discover a self healing path with your Body Mind Spirit
Holistic Health & Wellbeing C4Anita Jackson - Holistic Health & Wellbeing is a growing practice and events venue. Our passion is to empower & support you to discover a self healing path with your Body Mind Spirit
Holistic Pulsing A18Holistic Pulsing and Healing
It Works C22Joanne Garron - A global company promoting/selling health & wellness skincare products that are all natural/plant based ingredients.
Its written in the Stars & Cherie Candle Co A8Rosemary Omar - Astrology Readings & handmade Soy Candles
James - Palm Reader B25James Warren - Palm and Tarot Readings
Jean-Paul A6Tarot Card Readings
Jeanette Wilson C11Jeanette Wilson - Providing Psychic Surgery with Spiritual Doctors & Surgeons that often remove pain/restrictions within minutes
Jewellery D12Barb Buchanan - Jewellery and Crystals
Journeys B10Laeis Lyndturne - Spiritual Medium and Tarot Readings
Kangen Water C16Julie Lassen - One of the Healthiest waters on the Planet today
Katherine Casey Healing A27Katherine Casey - from the USA is a Natural Force Healing Practitioner
Kylie Tolman Warrior of Wellness C20Kylie Tolman - provider of transformational online personal & spiritual development training and tools to elevate all areas of your life
Lady Dee B27Davida Blundell - Psychic Readings
Leasa Heart & Soul B18Leasa Anderson - A metaphysical shop selling wands, soy candles, buddhas, ganesh, Egyptain figurines and Native American Drums
Linda Hampton B14bLinda Hampton - Metaphysical Counsellor
Liz Gardiner Nutrimetics D14Liz Gardiner - Personal colour, makeup and skincare stylist
Mahara Unlimited A13Margis Hulse - Access Consciousness
Manaian Way A1Glenn Phelan - An Unique opportunity to a Debt Free Life. We sell a new Reality
Marjori MacKay E7Marjori MacKay - Energy Healer, Reiki / Kahuna Practioner and Teacher
Medical Astrologer D7Christina Richter - a Medical astrologer linking psychological, body and spirit thru your unique Blueprint of Life
Metamorphosis Wellbeing A12Elize Welgems - Bio-energetic Medicines for Health issues and Nutrient Defficiences
My Religion Clothing B9Vicki Tahau-Paton - Launching a new Clothing Label "My Religion" - being True to yourself in Style
NZ College of Massage E9Cindy Farrar - Educational Provider teaching the importance of Clinical Massage Therapy
Pamela Cook A33Pamela Cook - Soul Journey Readings and Healing
Parag's Reiki Hut A19Parag Pattani - from Singapore giving Intuitive Healings, Chakra Balancing, Reiki Courses and Crystal Healing Workshops
Pure-vibration E8Michelle Cotton - a Bars Facilatator, Belvaspata Angel Healing and Clairvoyant Channel
Raghida D3Raghida - is a Soul Healer, Inka Shaman and 5D Ascension Activator & well-known healer and speaker for over 20 years
Rainbow Crystals B22Mat Spiertz - Huge selection of Crystals and Liquid Crystal consultations
Rawleighs B24Fiona Head - Rawleighs everyday Health Products
Reason-ate B23Rose Guy - Using your Intuition for Growth, Health and Connection
Reborn Threadz N Thingz E5Michelle Milolli Lagatule -
Reiki Alchemy A17Susan Prendel - Multidimenional Energy Healing, Angelic Reiki, DNA Activations, Crystal Healings, Coaching and Empowerment
Reiki Relax A31Annie Jury (Rainbow Lady) - Clairvoyant/Tarot?Pendulum Readings, Life Coaching. Reiki Emotional Release Sessions including Cord cutting
Robert James Haywood E1Robert James Haywood - Totem Animal Readings, Soul Deep Sound Healing Journey sessions, Crystal bowl & Oracle Deck sales. Cultural Wisdom Keeper, Music Medicine Man and Spiritual Counselling
Rosina Bond Numerology D5Rosina Bond - come and talk with me about what 2019 holds for you and your business.
Rune Card Readings D16Julie Fechney - Rune Card Readings
Sandrah the Oracle B16Sandrah Wilson - Professional Clairvoyant/Medium and Intuitive Reader
Sandy Bensemann B32Sandy Bensemann - Spiritual Medium
Sarah Emma C17Sarah Emma - Techniques to bring people back to Love and Joy in their lives with ease.
Sauniere Spiritual Readings B11Saffron Webb - Spiritual Readings
Self Realization Meditation Healing Centre D6Paul Hansa - Greater Peace, Health and Balance with in Depth Meditation, with weekly Yoga Classes, Healing, Counselling, Retreats and Courses.
Serendipity Shiatsu Massage E2Ali Kemmyo - Shiatsu
Share International C2Vickie McDougall - New Age Information
Shuzi NZ Ltd the Health Jewellery Co D15Jayne Munro - selling Shuzi Health Jewellery , Sports Bands and Pet products for everyday healthy lifestyle
Sleep Support Naturally A38Christine Blandford - has the Highest quality and proven Natural Health Products to support sleep and better health - sells Shakti Mats
Soul to Sole A9First Light Flower Essences with Sandra McApline, Helen Francis and Patricia Stowell
Sounds Like Spirit A34Kim Mehlhopt - Psychic Medium / Master Healer and Psychic Readings
Spiritual Pilgrim E12Learn to communicate with your angels and find your life's purpose.
style Mystic C7 and C8Ania Solomon - Hairdresser, Clothing and Jewelery retailer
Sukyo Mahikari A35Lesley Narayanan - Spiritual Purification with True Light
The Awakening Network A24James Devitt - Dedicated in assisting people to walk the path that they are here to walk
The Crystal People B6Glen and Deryn Tregurtha - Selling Crystals and pretty Things
The Emotion Clinic C15Kylee Tindall - we provide wellness solutions and products to support wellbeing
Time Waves - Mayan Dreamspell E11Vasumi Zjikao - Readings
WA Collective B29Janine Peters - Wa Menstrual Cups. your most convenient cost effective environment & body loving period solution, no strings attached. We are a social enterprise wacollective.org.nz
Wanda Williams A28Wanda Williams - Spiritual Healings and Readings
Womb Devotion C23Denise Ball - Awakening and empowering you to deepen your wisdom, truth and love though the power of your womb and menstrual cycle.

Your Health Connection C5Jessica Head - Holistic Health Coach and Intuitive Energy Healer and Reiki
Zero Balancing A25Peter Woodgate - Indian Head massage

…and more coming!
This list was last updated on 09/08/2018

Next Expo

13 - 14 October 2018
Saturday - Sunday 10am - 6pm

Addington Raceway and Events Centre
(Metropolitan Stand)
Christchurch, New Zealand
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Adults $10
Weekend Passes $15
Children under 14 free
(gate sales only)


and more to be announced soon!

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