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Not sure who the presenters are? Want to know a bit more about them? We’ve compiled some information for you so you can better plan your Expo experience.

Some speaker profiles are below.

Joanna Walden (author of "The Inside Hustle" - A Mystical Misfit's Travel Adventure into the Unknown)

Joanna spent twenty years working in a high flying advertising career in New York, London & Melbourne, while secretly exploring her passion for the unseen world of energy, spirit and consciousness.
Inspired by a series of mystical experiences in her teenage years including premonition vision, seeing auras and meeting a spiritual master, who told her of a future role in consciousness, Joanna embarked on a global quest to find her purpose and ultimately, her True Self, through a process of self-realization.

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Joanna will be sharing her personal journey and wisdom at this Expo, including how to connect with your True Divine Self, and HEART TECHNOLOGY 101.
Joanna is available at Stand A13 to sign and purchase your copy of “THE INSIDE HUSTLE”, and to experience a FREE MINI breakthrough and/or channeling session with her

Arataki – Tex, a Master Healer (to Enlighten and reveal the Future of Energy Healing)

Tex was born with extraordinary super powers. In his younger years, Tex would attend healing classes and could see more than his teachers – a natural gift of being able to see into the Human Body, right down to parasites and bacteria.
Over his life, Tex has performed miraculous Healing’s on people, who had long given up hope of being cured by traditional medicine.

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Tex and Robert Acutt will share a common healing technique using the Vibration of Energy to Heal, imprinting the required frequency of Energy into the Body, to reverse the Ailment.
At this expo event, take a journey into a New Way of Healing, with audience participation. Seeing is believing.

Robert Acutt (his Spiritual name : Sampoorna was given to him, while he was on a pilgrimage to India)

Robert will share his story of how he systematically grew his Psychic Super Powers, and how he has been directly communicating with the Angelic Realm, Ascended Masters and the Galactic Federation. Robert was orchestrated to be here in 2020 to assist and to directly help with the Great Awakening, in Healing and raising the vibration of Humanity and Mother Earth.

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Robert brings through messages from the Angelic Masters to assist Humanity, as we experience these Changing and Challenging times. Robert says, “if you have a question, please bring it forward/along with you”.
Robert’s passion is to Rid humanity of debilitating diseases and mystery illnesses, easily and effectively with Electro Acupuncture (EAV) and Energy Medicine. Robert also works with Master Healer Arataki (Tex) and they share how to identify and heal disease with energy.

Anita Jackson (The Chakra Queen - has a great passion for the Temple Within)

It all began with her own healing journey from chronic fatique, to discovering that her body had another source of energy, that she had not tapped into, or was aware of. Healing her energy, by activating her Chakra system, Anita has been on a life mission to share and teach – unlocking your bodies Life Force Energy.
Learn what you need to do, to master your 3rd Dimensional Body Chakras before you can activate your Celestial Chakras.

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Anita is going to share with you, why manifestation frustrates people and what they are getting wrong. It’s truly the greatest pitfall of the “Law of Attraction”
Anita will also show you how to Raise your Vibration (with Meditation) to Activate your Chakras from your Earth Star Chakra.

Jeanette Wilson (Gifted Medium and Healer)

Jeanette Wilson will be at the Body Mind Spirit – HEALTH EXPO 10 am to 6 pm both days, a gifted healer, providing Psychic Surgery with Spiritual Doctors and Surgeons. Come and see Jeanette in action, seeing is believing, believing is REAL.

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Jeanette is an extraordinary woman with an extraordinary range of gifts. It was Jeanette’s accuracy as a medium that led her to securing her first prime television series “Dare to Believe”.

Jeanette has appeared on 20/20, Good Morning, The Holmes Show and many radio stations taking live calls.

Jeanette considers that her highest gift is as a Healer and she travels extensively helping people Feel Better in all senses of the word.

Vasumi (Evolutionary)

Vasumi has a great passion for paradigm shift. Propelled by recognition that the current paradigm needs change, her life experiences and openess, revealed ways to change the paradigms of TIME and MONEY… Two of the most manipulated areas of this life.

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Her passion for living a free and sovereign life, led her worldwide to explore and experience different cultures and potentials on our planet, with respect to ‘thriving’ of all beings.

She delivers ever-evolving universal truths, as revealed through the practice of mindfulness and the codes of the Maya.

Come, hear her stories, with a willingness to trust in the capacity to co-create new awakened paradigms.


Linda Dowsett

Magic, alchemy, wonder and soul expansion is your divine right and expression. Linda is a channel for multi-dimensional beings of love and light to assist humanity with soul ascension and healing. I work with earth energies of the elements, rock and dragon guardians, fairy realms plus ascended masters and other members of God’s heavenly mansion worlds. Channeling light language transmissions, shifts occur on many levels to assist with soul alignment and ascension.

Linda is available at her Stand A24 on Level 1, for intuitive healing treatments, massage and oracle card readings. Each session is catered individually as guided by spirit.

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Linda has worked in the complementary health field for over 25 years. With a background in nursing, massage, reiki, spiritual healing, reconnective healing, The Journey and public speaking, Linda brings a wealth of expertise in her spiritual work.

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